By Faculty, For Faculty Sessions

The Faculty Professional Development Committee believes that the best professional development is by faculty, for faculty. We encourage all faculty, from part-time to full-time to consider hosting a professional development session.

Do you have an idea for a session but need support (or want someone else to run it for you)? Complete this Suggest an idea Form.

  • This form is sent to the Faculty Professional Development Committee. We’ll get back to you about your idea and how we can help support it!

Do you know exactly the kind of session you want to host, including the date and time you want to host it? Complete an Event Request Form.

    • This form is sent to the Teaching & Learning Center. The TLC staff will
      • Assign your session a room
      • Coordinate with Media Services for any special media request
      • Enter session information into KALPA
      • Deliver sign-in sheets to your session
      • Provide snack baskets for your session (by request)
      • Validate the attendance sheets in KALPA