The new contract language requiring all full-time faculty to complete 16 hours of professional development each year is an exciting opportunity for the Faculty Professional Development Committee to help bring you the PD you want or help you facilitate the PD sessions you want to provide to your colleagues!

There are a lot of questions about this new requirement, so here’s a link the official explanation: Full-time Faculty PD Requirements

Please contact us with questions or requests for specific professional development offerings! We want the 16 hours you participate in this year to be meaningful and important to you. If you aren’t interested in what you’re seeing offered on the current schedule, let us know so we can work with you to create new sessions!

Not only are we faculty in control of what we attend to meet our PD requirement, we also have the power to create the sessions that actually meet our teaching needs! Please use FPD and the TLC as resources to develop a meaningful PD plan for yourself and our colleagues!

Have an idea for a session? Contact, so we can help make it a reality!

Already have a session you know you want to host? Go ahead an fill out the TLC Event Request form to get it on the schedule.

Mary Mullalond
Faculty Professional Development Committee, Chair

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