PT Institute Logo All part-time and adjunct faculty are welcome to take part in the Faculty Institute at any time during the semester. The Institute encourages part-time and adjunct faculty to engage in professional development at WCC and earn monthly stipends.

Part-time and adjunct faculty will receive a $25 stipend for attending professional development sessions offered by the Teaching and Learning Center and listed with one of the tags below:

  • Teaching
  • Leadership
  • Workplace Effectiveness

Guidelines for Stipends:

  • Attendees are required to register in advance for the session
  • Attendees must attend the FULL session
  • Stipend payment will be limited to 8 sessions per month
  • Stipend payment will be paid monthly, usually by the last check of the following month


TLC Events

Here’s how you can find out about TLC events offered:

  • View the schedule on WCC’s professional development registration and tracking system, KALPA
  • Look in your inbox for the “Your Development Matters: Check Out This Week’s Events” emails sent from The Teaching and Learning Center every Monday morning.
  • Complete a training (all online) from the Faculty Professional Development playlist.

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