FPD’s Student Feedback Service

feedbackThe Student Feedback process is a great service for many situations. If you’re incorporating new material into a course, curious about student’s view of a course, revising a course at any level, FPD’s Student Feedback service can help.

How Student Feedback Works

The Student Feedback process provides WCC instructors with a way to measure their effectiveness anytime in the semester. FPD will work with you to set up time during a regular class meeting for the feedback session, anytime during the semester. You can choose any part of your class meeting — first thing, with time for more class work after, at the end of class — whatever fits best for you.

During the feedback session, the instructor will leave the classroom, and a faculty colleague will pose three questions to the students:

  • What’s been helpful?
  • What are the problems?
  • What would you change?

Your faculty colleague will type a summary of the answers and get them to you as quickly as possible. This feedback process is completely voluntary and confidential. The instructor decides what to do with the information. All notes are given to the instructor; the reviewer keeps nothing.

Full time faculty may substitute a Student Feedback session for one course in lieu of SOQ scores for that course.

Interested? Complete this Student Feedback Request form. Contact the FPD Committee with any questions, fpd@wccnet.edu.