By Nagash Clarke, Chemistry

stupid! stupid! stupid!


I know this…I studied this this morning…what is it again…?

I need this C or it won’t transfer…I’m at a high D…would he round up?

I could’ve begged for extra credit like that one girl who asks for it every class…

Man I wish I was still at Eastern, at least there a D still counts.

Becca always leaves first and always slays the tests.

When does she study…? She’s partying all the time on snap.

I really don’t want to take this class again…


stupid! stupid! stupid!


Ok, I think I know these questions…not too bad.

He talked about this during that one office hours.

Ok, relax…

Oh man, I’m sure dad’s the one blowing up my phone…it’s past two o’clock

and he needs the car.

Why is everyone leaving…? I have like two pages left.

Wait! Is that paper in Lit due today or tomorrow?

I’m so screwed.


Stupid! stupid! stupid!


He’s up there smiling at me.

All he has to do is show up and lecture for like two hours…

Why’s he coming over here?

“Yeah, I’m ok. Just got allergies.”

I’m gonna fail this class…


Stupid! stupid! stupid!