Welcome, Ernesto Querijero to WCC! 
Ernesto is the English Department’s
newest faculty member.

What is your favorite English class to teach at WCC?

My favorite English class to teach at WCC is Composition 111. It is a challenging course that offers students the opportunity to develop their writing skills and show what they can do. English 111 prepares students to write successfully in all academic disciplines. 

Can you share a few of your insights regarding student success?

The most successful college students are good time managers with strong communication skills.  It is important that students balance work, social life, and extracurricular activities in a way that allows them to be successful academically. Successful students come to class attentive, inquisitive, and ready to learn. It is important that students let their instructors know what they do and don’t comprehend.  

What are some of your goals for this first year at WCC?

Other than to successfully teach my courses without major incident, my primary goal as a full time faculty member is to collaborate with and learn from experienced faculty. I am curious to learn how instructors of varying styles and disciplines all interpret and strive to achieve the college’s mission and vision.

One Response to new faculty

  • Anne Heise

    Welcome Mr. Q! A student was asking for you the other day and I thought she wanted “Mr. Kew”, whom I’d never heard of. I figured it out just at the last minute.

    Anne Heise (in your office pod)